Case Study


Build a website for online enrollment

The Project

A mid-sized metropolitan community is planning an annual running race event that they hope will attract visitors to the area. Several running events will be offered. Participants will register for the events online and they will get a free T shirt for the event. They will be required to provide personal and billing information.


Strategy & Design


Akhil Chinta, Chandu Majeti


Pen & Paper, Adobe XD


Design Process

Our design process in this project started with the planning phase and end with prototype. In each phase, we will make sure our decisions will give better user experience.

Design Process

Design Strategy

As part of the design strategy our team brainstorm about business goal, target users, scope of work, technical constrains, feasabilities etc. and come up with assumption-based inputs.

Executive Intent

  • Increase more participants to enroll online
  • Attract visitors to the area

Market Segment

  • Corporate Employees
  • Students
  • Joggers

General Task

  • Enroll
  • Payment

Technology Constrains

  • Desktop & Mobile
  • Browser

Branding Goals

  • Fitness
  • Fun

CSF / Usability Criteria

  • More enrollments
  • Effeciency
User Research

We did some secondary research which helps us to set design direction.

Based on research findings, we identified data points below and categorized into 3 profiles.

1. Who is user2. What is the task3. How or where do they perform

User Profile

  • Language

    English, Hindi, Telugu

  • Age

    18 - 60

  • Education

    Min high school

  • Domain

    Mid - High

  • Computer

    Mid - High

Task Profile

  • Sign up
  • Sign in
  • Select event
  • Event details
  • Personal details
  • Summary
  • Billing details
  • Confirmation

Environmental Profile

  • Location

    Indoor / Outdoor

  • Geography

    Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore

  • Workspace

    Cubical / Open area

  • Device

    Desktop / Mobile

  • Browser

    Chrome / Firefox / Safari


We developed persona by using the concrete characterization of market segment (user group). It helps to empathize user needs / paint points and address the same while design.


User Scenario + Task Flow

We created a fictitious story about user goals or actions while they interact with the design. The scenario is...

“Rajesh saw a banner at the lift lobby in his office space about the marathon event conducting in Gachibowly Stadium, Hyderabad. He was very excited and curious to know about event types and pricing list to participate with family. Also, he wants to invite his friends to visit the event.”

Task Flow


By considering all the above elements we developed key low fidelity prototypes.

Metro Marathon - Home

Metro Marathon - Event Detais

Metro Marathon - Form

Metro Marathon - Confirm

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